Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When "Ends Justifies The Means" Gets Craftily Literal

I am a knitter from way back.  No, really.  My grandmother taught me to knit when I was eight and that was....well, it was a while ago, okay? 

I was always fairly quick with regards to the actual stitching, but I was also a kid with an insanely short attention span. The cool thing about that was, by the time I'd finally finished being (repeatedly) sidetracked, I'd have forgotten how to finish the project in question. Again. Which sounds bad (it wasn't), and also like I might've been doing it on purpose (I really didn't). So, I'd take my knitted whatever to my grandma's, ask her for help, and she'd use my project to show me how to bind off. And also sew in my ends for me. Which, looking back, might very well have been why I never paid much attention to the finishing thing in the first place. Because even then, and despite the fact that I already loved sewing, I loathed the working in of ends.

Which leads me to now. And my current project. And the utter insanity that has caused me to design something that has a hundred and fifty bajillion billion* ends to sew in. The project in question, I can't actually tell you about, at least not yet. I can let you look at the pretty yarn though!
Pictured, Pretty Yarn (lol)

Anyway, I always think about my grandma a bit when I am doing any crafting, knitting or gardening especially.  With this though, I've thought of her every time I've even looked at my project bag.  And the thing is, the thoughts and feelings that arise are usually nostalgic; sometimes happy, sometimes sad, often bittersweet...but that's okay.

What is less okay, is how much this project is making me really wonder about the difficulty of necromancy (or perhaps ghost raising).  Would it be worth the zombification of grandma to have someone else to sew in all these hated ends for me?
I'm beginning to think so.

*possibly exaggerated, slightly

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Things I Learned About Blogging (While Avoiding Doing It)

1.  Writing posts in my head doesn’t get them onto the blog.

2.  It doesn’t matter if it’s only funny to me.  It’s my blog.

3.  I am never going to feel comfortable about what I post if I’m not being myself. 

4.  Although…..myself with slightly better editing is good, too.

5.  But, obsessive over-editing is incredibly counter-productive.

6.  Starting a blog while in a major depressive down-swing is a bad idea, too.

7.  When all else fails just post a damn picture.

I absolutely understand that as a first post/introduction/whatever this is probably a little strange.
I think I’m okay with that.